Contact: 301 633 2858, or 443 764 5364 by cell phone call, or text message, or contact: [email protected] to arrange a visit, or to enroll in a class or open group. Message Board below seems to have issues. Calendar is general information on classes available, days and times vary.

Back Room Exhibition Gallery, Parker Studio of Structural Sculpture

Back Room Drawing and Relief Studio / Gallery, Parker Studio of Structural Sculpture. Prior to installation of multiple studio/gallery dimmer lights at ten feet high immediately below the wall molding, and not showing a rotating multi-height position life model table stand.

This ongoing figure drawing session meets once a week, sharing the cost of a live model. The model fee is divided between the open drawing class participants. If a minimum of five artists are not ongoing – that are currently paid ahead for 7 open drawing group sessions in participation with the cost of the life model session, then plaster casts of antique Greek sculpture are available to draw, anatomical sculpture plasters, demonstration sculptures from past sculpture classes cast into plaster, or my sculptures that are cast into plaster are available to draw as subjects positioned on a model stand. Several open drawing groups meet throughout the week at the studio. Please call to arrange for participation. No instruction is offered for the Open Groups, and all levels of experience are welcome. For a Sculpture Class or Drawing Class please refer to the Class descriptions, as well as the Google Calendar. Materials used in the drawing session are limited to drawing materials, aqueous based mediums used along with an approved floor protection cover, oil painting with non-toxic, and non-odor producing mediums along with an approved floor protection cover. Each meeting is four hour – day or three-hour-evening classes with the life model in one pose. The first few sessions of the figure drawing are short five minutes to twenty minutes, or forty-minute poses to decide on a pose. the remainder of the session with the chosen pose will last generally anywhere from three sessions to several months, or sometimes more.

The ongoing Relief Sculpture Open Group is an option within the drawing group session. The Open Drawing Group / Open Relief Sculpture Group continue usually for 14 sessions or more. Payment is made toward the Life Model for the Open Groups with a down payment of $280.00 prior to each 7 sessions – day, 4 hours; or 7 sessions – evening, 3 hours (amounts to $40.00 per session). Currently enrolled paid instruction-based drawing class students receive a discount on the Open Drawing Group $ 231.00 paid prior to each 7 Drawing Open Group sessions (amounts to $ 33.00 per open drawing). A payment ahead of the first life model session, or if without a life model, paid at a first drawing session.

Participants are responsible for their own materials. Easels, paper, drawing supplies, sculpture tools, sculpture armatures, and plastelene are supplied by the participants joining the workshop, – either for drawing or for sculpture. Countersunk screws are required on the underside of the figure armature plywood – as well as a smooth surface on the side of the A/C, or A/B exterior plywood board placed on the wheeled sculpture stands. Wheeled Stands are available for the sculpture armature to sit on top of while working the sculpture. Information, / supply list, / instructions on a well-designed, and constructed portrait, figure, or relief sculpture armature is available by request from Brad Parker. Plastelene should be used as the clay material, not water clay since water clay produces an enormous amount of dust, and debris – so no water clay is allowed for use in the studio here. Chavant NSP, Soft, Red Brown – Non-Sulfur Plastelene, or Chavant Beau La Touche HM brown color / red color is the better product of the various plastelenes. or a wax based modeling clay such as classic clay modeling wax…

Open Drawing – Day / or Eve. – down payment of $280.00 prior to each 7 sessions – day, 4 hours; or 7 sessions – evening, 3 hours (amounts to $40.00 per session). Currently enrolled paid instruction-based drawing class students receive a discount on the Open Drawing Group $ 231.00 paid prior to each 7 Drawing Open Group sessions (amounts to $ 33.00 per open drawing).

If a student is currently enrolled and paid for attendance in “DRAWING COURSE– FIGURE & PORTRAIT MODEL / LIFE MODEL / ANTIQUE SCULPTURE / PLASTER CAST / ANATOMICAL MODELS / SKELETONS COURSE” a paid instruction course. A free without a life-model, and without instruction – 4 hour, day, or 3 hour evening optional session is available each week to work on a class project. The optional session for extra time to work is not available to make up if missed to a future week.


More advanced classes available. Parking is free and plentiful .

Contact: 301-263-0324 – Cell Phone, 410-225-3546 – Studio / Home Phone

Email: [email protected]

Mr. Parker is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where he studied for six years.

Mr. Parker studied concurrently at the Frudakis Academy of Fine Art at which time he received a National Sculpture Society Merit Scholarship. Later study in Europe in the first half of the 1990s.

Private Sculpture Studio, Drawing & Sculpture Classes, By Appointment – Open Drawing & Sculpture Group Sessions, Commissioned Portrait Bust Sculpture, Fountain Sculpture, Figure Sculpture, & Relief Sculpture Compositions. Private Gallery of exhibited sculpture, by appointment only.

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